Do you do laundry on site? Use PG&E as your utility? 
Use gas to heat water?
If you said YES to those questions then you are lucky enough to qualify and receive an entire new laundry system ABSOLUTELY FREE
This "unusual" rebate pays for 100% of the cost for a high tech compact ozone laundry technology that saves THOUSANDS of dollars doing laundry in better, greener cleaner environment manner
No up front costs plus EcoGreenRebates will do ALL the rebate paperwork for you
This process is so simple it will only take you 5 MINUTES
Step 1 (your only step):
Once this simple Rebate Form is filled out by an owner or authorized manager you will be shipped a compact ozone laundry unit ABSOLUTELY FREE
Simply click on the link below and fill out the paper work that will take you NO LONGER than 5 minutes to complete. Once you have finished, you simply Email it back to us and we take care of ALL the rest.
You can also call (330)-351-3584 and talk to one of our Authorized Rebate Facilitators, and they will help you through this quick and easy process.

It is so simple and easy, your Authorized Rebate Facilitator will answer any and all other questions you may have and will begin ALL the necessary paperwork for your FREE EXL Compact Ozone Laundry System.
Never Buy Laundry Detergent Again!
YOUR business can save THOUSANDS of dollars on laundry detergent and hot water bills. An authorized EcoGreenRebate agent will help process all rebate paperwork for your company, its that simple.
  •  Kills germs and bacteria
  •  Laundry detergents do NOT kill infectious germs
  •  Laundry detergents are expensive and can cost your company thousands of dollars
  •  Most laundry cycles do not create a high enough temperature to sterilize laundry
Who is paying for this 100% rebate?
PG&E local utility pays 100% of this LIMITED TIME rebate
Which business' qualify for this 
100% rebate?
The FREE rebate qualifies hotels, motels, fitness centers, nursing homes, correctional institutions; gyms and YMCA's plus homeowners qualify for a factory 50% rebate savings for a LIMITED time
Take a look at what some of our very satisfied customers have to say about there FREE EXL Compact Ozone Laundry System
Used by thousands of hotels and hospitals worldwide for decades
Several hotels have installed ozone generators in their laundry facilities and realized water, gas and electrical savings
Just by removing hot water!
What is the EXL Compact Ozone Laundry System?
Ozone Laundry technology pioneered in hospitals to kill infectious bacteria detergent can't.
The ozone laundry system(s) is a piece of equipment that is added-on to your new or existing commercial washing machine(s). The system generates ozone (O3), a naturally occurring molecule, which helps clean fabrics by chemically reacting with soils in cold water. Adding an ozone laundry system(s) will reduce the amount of chemicals, detergents, and hot water needed to wash your linens. Using ozone also reduces the total amount of water consumed and overall washing and drying times, saving even more in energy.

Your FREE Ozone Commercial Laundry System eliminates the need for laundry detergents and hot water. Used by hospitals for over a decade to clean clothes, ozone laundry systems are a safe and effective way to clean clothes vs detergent.
You WILL save thousands of dollars
Check out this demo by one of our EcoGreenRebates Authorized Rebate Facilitators